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 After the Industrial Revolution that began at the latter half of 18th century until today to the 21st century, Human beings have established a happy, satisfying and convenient lifestyle thanks to the development of industries and the progress of civilization. In the 21st century, however, we have been suffering from global problems such as the depletion of energy resources, the global warming, loss of biodiversity, population increases and food shortages, infectious disease and disaster prevention.  

 In April 2008, Kanazawa University broke down the traditional walls of department and became the first real university in Japan to introduce the College and School system. The College of Science and Engineering offers a curriculum that integrates natural science and technology based on the principles and rules of natural science, to develop technology and products that are useful to society. This education system enables students to carry out systematic studies in the rapidly evolving field of science and technology according to their individual interests; it expands the range of choices and subjects available.

 After you enroll in College of Science and Engineering, in your first year you will enrich your cultural knowledge and deepen your understanding of the fundamentals of your areas of specialty.  In your second and third years, you will select courses in your areas of specialty to obtain specialized knowledge and skills that you will use in your future career, and fundamental knowledge that will be a basis for lifetime learning.

 We offer various unique types of learning, such as a system whereby specialized courses are selected after learning the rudiments of science and technology, education geared towards building a career, and a sub-major system. The graded education system, which organically combines cultural subjects and specialized subjects, enables students to acquire comprehensive and highly specialized knowledge. Taking advantage of everything we can offer as a university, we give scientific engineers the interdisciplinary knowledge and international sensibility that will enable them to spread their wings around the world.

 Various issues concerning the Great East Japan Earthquake have been discussed. In addition, to resolve finally an accident occurred at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, it will take several decades in the future. For Japan to rehabilitate, the untiring efforts in the science and technology by young force are required. Our spacious new Kakuma campus is located in the midst of lush greenery and boasts high-quality, advanced facilities and a good educational and research environment. I hope you will study in our optimal environment, and take advantage of opportunities for social interaction such as club and volunteer activities, and interacting with new friends to cultivate your personality. Take a step towards realizing your life plan and dreams for the future in the academic city of Kanazawa.