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The Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology
(Botanical Garden, Marine Laboratory and Low-level Radioactivity Laboratory)

The Botanical Garden is used for learning and research by the faculty and students of the School of Natural System and other schools. Research materials for students are grown in experimental greenhouses and on farms, and budding and hybridization experiments are carried out. The Marine Laboratory is located in the northeastern part of the Noto Peninsula, and the Low-level Radioactivity Laboratory is in Nomi City, where world-class research has been conducted.

Low Temperature Laboratory

The Low Temperature Laboratory was established as a shared facility within the university to carry out research at extremely low temperatures. Liquid helium and liquid nitrogen, etc. can be used in this facility. The School of Mathematics and Physics has taken on the challenge of reaching the absolute zero temperature.

Advanced Science Research Center
(Radioisotope Laboratory for Natural Science and Technology)

The center is used for learning and research by means of radioisotopes in the fields of science and engineering. Research topics include the genetic structure and expression of fauna and flora, analysis of ultramicro materials, the global environment and radioactive reaction.

Environment Preservation Center

The center is engaged in various activities with regard to environmental protection, such as the collection and treatment of experimental waste and analysis of sewage, thus protecting the security and environment of the campus and contributing to learning and research at the university.

Technical Support Center

The center is equipped with machining tools, and supports technical education and research at the university through training in machining, and designing and manufacturing of experimental equipment. The center is also involved in the reeducation of engineers, and contributes to technical development through manufacturing.

Hardware Laboratories 1~4

The Hardware Laboratories are equipped with large facilities and research equipment for the College of Science and Engineering, and are well prepared for state-of-the-art research.

Satoyama Zone

This area is used for study and research related to the biology of satoyama, the border zone between mountain foothills and arable flat land, and is open to local residents for the field study of Kakuma Satoyama School.